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Modi Lifting Solutions are the Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers & Supplier. We manufacture all kinds of Lifting Slings and supplies all kind of Lifting Tackles which includes: Manual Chain Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Ratchet Lever Hoist, Tirfor (Pulling Lifting Machine), Hoist Trolley, Hand Pallet Truck, Jib Crane (Mobile Floor Crane), and many more. Every Lifting Tackle comes with a different size and lifting capacity. You must assure the weight of the load and the type of lifting tackle you are using as per the lifting application before lifting any load.

material handling equipment
Manual Chain Hoist: it is mainly designed for occasional lifts or for the areas which is not permanent for a hoist, it lifts the load through chain only. Chain Hoist is used where speed is not a factor as it is pulled using Hand-Over-Hand motion. Two Chains are used in manual chain hoist to perform the action, One is used to lift the load and other one is used to lift and lower the load by pulling chain from both directions.
Electric Chain Hoist: these are powered electrically generally with a single-phase connection and its portable and space-saving feature makes it more convenient. Electric Hoist needs to be fixed on Beam or on overhead rails or tracks for better stability and the load can be pulled and lower down by just pressing buttons with the help of hoist remote.
Electric Wire Rope Hoist: as Electric Chain Hoist it also uses electricity to lift heavy loads with the help of a drum wrapped with wire rope. These hoists are used for lifting heavy loads at the working site without any error. Electric Wire Rope Hoist starts from 500kg and can goes upto 20 Tons or higher depends on manufacturer and uses remote switch to lift or lower the loads.
Ratchet Lever Hoist: these lever hoists are manually operated and simple to use with a lever handle for the operator to grip and move and are used when moving items which are too awkward, heavy or unsafe for one person to lift and there compact design allows them tosbe used in areas with little headroom. Lever hoist can work Horizontally & Vertically and top swivel hook makes it easy for rigging.
Tirfor: Pulling Lifting Machine also known as Tifor has both the capabilities of Pulling & Lifting. It generally has 3 Levers for installing Wire Rope and for Pulling & Lifting purpose, installed with wire rope with hooks on both sides and tirfor can be anywhere in between and can pull & lift the load vertically and horizontally. It is used mostly where any structure needs to set up, pulling under the roads cables (electric or any other), tensioning the cables before permanent fixing, dragging the load, and many more.
Hoist Trolley: are mechanical devices or assemblies consisting of sets of rollers mounted in frames, which roll along girders or beams with Hoists (Chain Hoist, Wire Rope Hoist), and are used for transporting products or materials within a work area.
Hand Pallet Truck: Pallet Truck are of two kinds – Manual Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck and Electric Pallet Truck. It is a small form of Fork Lift and used when there is a need to shift very heavy loads from one place to another within a building or loading & unloading commercial vehicles on regular basis, especially pallet trucks are using in manufacturing companies, transport companies, and even in warehouses.
Jib Crane/Mobile Floor Crane: are designed to perform the tasks where Hand Pallet Truck fails, these Portable Floor Cranes can lift loads through their arms with a hook attached and can put & hold it on a desired height, it lifts the load with hydraulic function. It can be used to put engines on car to assemble, dies on machine to install, to load & unload the loads on racks, and similar applications.

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