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Wire Rope Fittings

Modi Lifting Solutions are the wholesaler of Wire Rope Fittings, Attachments and Accessories also known as Rigging Hardware which includes: D-Shackle, Bow Shackle, Eye Bolt, Turn Buckle, U-Clamp, Wire Rope Clamp, Eye Hook, Snap Hook, Self Locking Hook, Thimble, Pulley Block and many more. Every Attachment and Accessory comes with a different size and lifting capacities. You must know the type of attachment you are attaching with lifting slings before lifting any load.

Each steel wire rope configuration will offer different benefits and will be better suited to certain applications, but in certain applications Only Lifting Sling (that can be Wire Rope Sling, Polyester Webbing Sling and Chain Sling) cannot perform the specific tasks and to perform those certain specific tasks, some of Attachments or Accessories is required which can be added to lifting slings for the certain applications. We are offering a wide range of Lifting Sling Accessories with Customized requests that can be made to order with various options.
Lifting Slings are available in a variety of styles that can be customized with different types of loops:
• Soft Eye Loop on both ends
• Loop on both ends fixed with Thimble
• Loop on both ends attached with Hooks (any kind of Hook)
• Loop on both ends attached with Turnbuckle (any kind of Turnbuckle)
• Loop on both ends attached with Eye Bolt (any kind of Eye Bolt)
• Multi Legged Lifting Sling with one side Master Ring and other attachments on the other ends
wire rope sling attachments
Shackles: It is a most common rigging product used as a link to connect lifting slings with the load in various hoisting, pulling and lifting applications. Designed in a U shape with removable pin, shackles are extremely versatile and are often used to connect wire rope sling, polyester webbing sling, chain sling hardware products. Usually two types of Shackles are popular in the market i.e. D Shackle and Bow Shackle.
Turnbuckle: It is a only type of rigging product which is used to give tensoning to ropes or to stretch them to the exact length. Turnbuckles are available in many different sizes, configurations, and types. Measuring a Turnbuckle can be possible by measuring the diameter of thread rod, The greater the thread diameter is, the greater the load-bearing capacity of the turnbuckle and vice versa.
Eye Bolt or Swivel Eye Bolt: both eye bolts have a similar purpose but have different applications when it comes to lifting a load. When an object has a Female thread then Eye Bolts can be used as a male thread and fixed with an object to lift loads like Industrial Plates, Motors, Dies, Containers, and similar objects.
U Clamp or Wire Rope Clamp: this type of wire rope clamp is essentially a U-bolt, two nuts, and a metal base (saddle) that can be made from forged steel or cast iron. This is a most common attachment used with wire rope usually with the purpose of connecting two ropes together in a lap splice after rotating a rope to the load or an object.
Thimble: are used to protect the eye loops of wire rope sling at the time of manufacturing, it’s purpose is to give rope a smooth guiding around natural curves which helps the loop of sling from rubbing with the attachment.
Eye Hook or Swivel Hook: can be fixed with all types of lifting slings on their ends, hooks comes with their safety latch which locks the attachment within itself and doesn’t let it out when left loose. With an Eye Hook, you get far more flexibility in terms of movement and ergonomics to position the hook and attach it to the load. With an Swivel Hook, you are allowed to align the hook properly according to the attachment of the load which prevents twisting of the rigging. With an Self Locking Hook, it locks the attachment automatically with a spring system and unlocks only after manual unlocking the pin.
Connecting Link: these connecting links act as attachment points that hinge at the center. These are generally used in manufacturing chain slings to connect the ends of chain with their fittings like Master Ring, Hook and others.
Rope Pulleys: Pulley blocks are nothing more that grooved wheels on a fixed axle onto which passes a continuous length of wire rope. A swivel eye pulley can be mounted on a rod, bolt, shackle, etc. Additionally, the eye of a swivel eye pulley can slide over pipes,bolts, rods.